Oregon Yerba Mate Einstein Blend

Einstein Blend – 1lb. Bag

Mental Clarity & Focus

Einstein Blend is a strong mix of Oregon Yerba Mate, Gingko Biloba and Ginseng.  A powerhouse for the mind! Ginkgo Biloba has proven to increase blood flow to the brain while Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body adapt to stress while providing energy. This blend is great for students and those seeking cognitive enhancement, improved focus and sustained energy.

Premium Ingredients: Organically grown, green and aged Maté, organic or wild harvested ground ginkgo biloba, ginseng & licorice.

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“I’m a student and I love how I feel healthy and focused I feel when I drink Einstein Blend. Coffee always made me feel jittery and bothered my stomach. I can drink Einstein Blend every day and feel awesome!”

I. Winkler

How To Brew

French Press Method

Use approximately 1/2 cup of Yerba Mate for 32 oz Fresh Press. Fill with hot water (185 degrees), not boiling. Let steep for one minute and press.

Coffee Pot Method

Just replace your coffee portion with Oregon Yerba Mate in any coffee maker. For best results, Mate should be dark enough so you cannot see through it.

Traditional Method

Fill gourd halfway with Yerba Mate. Fill with hot water (185 degrees) until Mate is saturated. Sip and refill up to 10 times.