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You can make it just like coffee and use your coffee pot, french press, or a traditional gourd. What you get from our special blended Yerba Mate is a smooth alkaline caffeine that makes your stomach much happier. Oregon Yerba Mate is also the only company to combine both green and aged organically grown mate, along with wild harvested herbs and spices. You get our infamous strong but smooth taste and herbs that help your body feel and look better than ever before. Coffee sure can’t do that.

Simple & Easy To Make! Use Your Existing Coffee Pot.

Weight Loss. Energy. Performance. Endurance.

“I love all yerba mate and the way it makes me feel, especially when comparing it to the effect I get from coffee. Oregon Yerba Mate’s Healing Blend is the best mate blend I have found anywhere. It tastes amazing and has all the ingredients I would use if I was mixing up a custom blend- mint for taste and relaxation and ginger for digestion. Way to go Oregon Yerba Mate” – Gail O.