Zen Blend – 1lb. Bag – On Sale!

Well Being 

Zen Blend makes a delicious and soothing beverage.  It includes our proprietary yerba mate base blended with fragrant jasmine tea, chamomile flowers, kava kava, licorice and lavender. We love it’s unique ability to calm the nerves and provide energy at the same time.

Premium Ingredients: Organically grown, green and aged Maté, organic or wild harvested chamomile flowers, jasmine tea, ground kava kava, licorice & lavender.

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“I have been on Mate for past 6 months, I can’t go a day without couple of cups. It boost my energy and I just love the uplifting of my morale with the positive attitude. I have shared this with friends and few friends have already bought and tried this product, Awesome Product! Thank you for bringing this wonderful product!”

P. Narayan

How To Brew

French Press Method

Use approximately 1/2 cup of Yerba Mate for 32 oz Fresh Press. Fill with hot water (185 degrees), not boiling. Let steep for one minute and press.

Coffee Pot Method

Just replace your coffee portion with Oregon Yerba Mate in any coffee maker. For best results, Mate should be dark enough so you cannot see through it.

Traditional Method

Fill gourd halfway with Yerba Mate. Fill with hot water (185 degrees) until Mate is saturated. Sip and refill up to 10 times.