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“This has been my favorite maté for the past decade, it is just the right blend of smoke dried with good quality leaf! I love it! Thank you for keeping it coming!”

Brance MorefieldCurrent Customer

“I have been purchasing my Mate from here for over a year now and i love all of there blends. I have tried many of the other brands out there and these guys are by far the best. I drink it every day.”

MikeEugene, Oregon

“I was introduced to Oregon Yerba Maté about 10 years ago. My husband and I were the normal coffee in the morning kind of people. I loved the smell and taste of coffee, but it “didn’t love me”. Coffee woke me up somewhat, but left me with caffeine jitters and a crash later in the day. When I tried Oregon Yerba Maté for the first time, I experienced something completely new. I had an alert, awake feeling, with no caffeine shakes. My husband and I felt tons of energy, but it didn’t feel artificial - it was a sustained strength that felt natural. We both felt alive in a different way, and we were hooked. I hadn’t explored natural stimulants other than caffeine before, and I was so happy to learn of other “wake me ups” that naturally occurred in plants. Maté has much less caffeine than coffee, but contains theobromine and theophylline, stimulants that don’t tax the nervous system but wake up the metabolism. The health benefits are mind boggling, its alkaline, not acidic like coffee, and is loaded with dense nutrient content. I have found that the Maté tea bags in grocery stores do not taste very good, or work very well. I use a French press with almost a cup of the loose leaf tea, and let it steep for a few minutes. We love to add a little cream and agave nectar. My body responded so well to Maté, my husband and I have continued to drink it every day. I consider Oregon Yerba Maté an absolute staple in our household.”

L. CampbellCurrent Customer

“I have been an Oregon Yerba Mate drinking fan for over 10 years...ever since Landy introduced it in her Jasper IN store. With its smooth energy boost and blends of herbs & spices, I feel like it’s a perfect compliment to my healthy diet.”

Debra SotkaCurrent Customer
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