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Oregon Yerba Mate Collection
From Our Customers

“This has been my favorite maté for the past decade, it is just the right blend of aged and green dried with good quality leaf! I love it! Thank you for keeping it coming!”

Brance MorefieldCurrent Customer

“I have been purchasing my Mate from here for over a year now and i love all of there blends. I have tried many of the other brands out there and these guys are by far the best. I drink it every day.”

MikeEugene, Oregon

“i have been drinking Oregon Yerba Mate for over 15 years....i feel healthier, mornings set the stage for the day and starting with Oregon Yerba Mate is something i do for myself. Love the flavors, and all the health benefits of mate......i ONLY drink Oregon Yerba Mate, it is smoother and has the best Blends of healthy herbs!!! LOVE LOve you guys!!!”

KristaCurrent Customer

“I have been an Oregon Yerba Mate drinking fan for over 10 years...ever since Landy introduced it in her Jasper IN store. With its smooth energy boost and blends of herbs & spices, I feel like it’s a perfect compliment to my healthy diet.”

Debra SotkaCurrent Customer

“Love Oregon Yerba Mate. The Performance Blend is my favorite and the reason I switched from coffee to mate. I feel healthier just opening the bag!”

MichelleCurrent Customer

“I was introduced to Oregon Yerba Mate teas 12 years ago by a friend in Oregon. I began using the various products and have been a fan ever since. They are a great way to start my day and work through all phases of each day. I have also bought a one cup french press to use when traveling, camping or just overnighting at a friends. One of the most consistent products I have ever purchased and the physical, mental and emotional health benefits are wonderful.”

Ron Smith
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