This Winter.

Give Your Body Health.

It's a great time to remember Yerba Mate. It improves mood. It provides nutrients. It builds immunity. It helps you lose weight. And so much more...

This Winter, Give Health. It’s Simply The Best Gift Anyone Can Give.

Oregon Yerba Mate Collection

Body Wellness: Antioxidants, DNA Repair, Lower Cholesterol

Organ Wellness: Anti-Inflammatory, Lower Blood Sugar

Mind & Body: Alkaline Caffeine, Memory, Weight Loss

Easy To Make: Brew in your coffeemaker just like coffee or iced tea

Your Body

6 Unique Blends

Discover our unique blends. Hot or iced.

Oregon Yerba Mate Collection

Recyclable Kcups

Incredibly easy, famous taste, good for the planet.

Oregon Yerba Mate Single Serve Cups Traditional