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Healthy Energy

Synergistic blend of Oregon Yerba Mate, damiana, ginseng, and more.


Improved immunity, defense, and healthy energy

More Self Love.
Your Happiness, Your Health, Your Vitality.

Oregon Yerba Mate isn't just a product, it's a story. Yerba Mate has often been called, "The Drink of the Gods" and for very good reason. Yerba Mate is super rich in antioxidants, contains a host of micro-nutrients, and doesn't give you the caffeine jitters that coffee does.

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“I really have grown to like Einstein tea. For one, it really does help you think better. I play tennis a lot better when I've had that tea before playing compared to other teas. ”


“I am not a coffee drinker but I do like tea. I want health benefits as well as taste and I can only drink so much green tea! Mate' is the perfect blend of taste and health.”

Darla H

“This yerba matte is fantastic. A mix of this and boiled ginger has completely replaced my morning coffee. It gives me a smooth boost of energy and tastes divine!”

Annie S

Is Yerba Mate Good For You?

Yerba Mate provides your body with a plethora of healthy benefits and is good for you for these reasons.

Easy Intermittent Fasting With Yerba Mate

Easy intermittent fasting with Yerba Mate

Does Yerba Mate Have Side Effects?

Does Yerba Mate have side effects? Absolutely! Like all plants and medicinal herbs, Yerba Mate contains chemical compounds that nature...