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We are proud to introduce Oregon Yerba Mate in recyclable single serve cups (K-Cups). This has been in the works for over a year and we have finally done it. We perfected the smooth taste you know and love and put it into an eco-friendly, single-serve cup that makes enjoying your Yerba Mate even easier. 18 Single serve cups.

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Oregon Yerba Mate Single Serve Cups Traditional

Yerba Mate Made Easy

When we set out to develop our Oregon Yerba Mate Single Serve cups, we had to make sure that it met the same high standards as our regular Mate blends. It took some time to get the blend just right, but we ended up with a Mate that is smooth and perfectly balanced. It gives you the same healthy energy and all of the health benefits at the same time. The difference is that you can now pop a single-serve cup into your Keurig* and have your Oregon Yerba Mate anywhere you want at anytime.

Earth Day. Everyday.

Our Single Serve Cups are Recyclable & Eco-Friendly


Compatible with most Keurig K-Cup brewing systems*

Traditional Blend Single Serve Cup
Traditional Blend Single Serve Cup
Healthy Energy

Smooth Oregon Yerba Mate with all the health benefits


Each box has 18 single-serve cups of Oregon Yerba Mate

Launch Special $16.95 + FREE 2 Day Shipping!

(Normally $21.95)

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