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Yerba Mate and A Whole Lot More. For Your Health.

Maté is a superfood from the forests of South America. It has been consumed by Gaurani tribes for centuries where it is known as the “Drink of the Gods”. This life-changing beverage is not only high in nutrition, it’s also a perfect way to nourish your body and increase immunity, wellness, and enjoy smooth non-jittery caffeine.

Our Maté is carefully made (aged, not smoked) with the highest-quality organic ingredients as well as wild-harvested spices and herbs. It’s as easy to make as coffee and takes only seconds.


Founder, Rachel Winkler has over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

Rachel is a health and wellness practitioner who spent twelve years as the owner of a full scale retail wellness center that included a health food store, holistic practitioners and a natural café which continues to thrive today. Rachel also has a thriving health and wellness coaching business where she helps people each and every day.

And Rachel is just getting started. As she find more unique products that help you live a full, happy, and positive life, they will be listed here.

About OYM

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