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Yerba Mate & Cinnamon

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Why do we put spices like cinnamon in our Yerba Mate blends?

Yerba mate has been used by medicine men for centuries as a carrier for medicinal herbs and spices. It's a smooth, delicious tea with powerful healing and restorative properties.

Here at Oregon Yerba Mate we believe in the healing power of nature and like to follow in the tradition of the medicine men. We start with organic Yerba Mate and add organic and/or wild harvested herbs and spices to infuse it with powerful nutritive properties.

Cinnamon and Yerba Mate Health Benefits
Cinnamon is a rich source of antioxidants and improved fasting blood glucose

So, not only do they improve the flavor, but there are some incredible health benefits that add to the many other benefits of Yerba Mate. Antioxidants, and specifically, cinnameldahyde are abundant in pure, organic cinnamon. This powerful little antioxidant can help lower inflammation, oxidative cellular stress, and provide balance to blood sugar levels.

In fact, A 2016 study showed that individuals who used cinnamon twice per day (in capsule form) for two months, had lower levels of total blood sugar and 2 hour post prandial blood sugar (meaning lower blood sugar two hours after consuming 75g of carbohydrates), improved insulin sensitivity and lower total cholesterol.

Our goal has always been to stand out in the market with Yerba Mate "Blends". This means we add wild harvested or organic herbs and spices directly into our Yerba Mate. Cinnamon is a predominant player in many of our loose-leave blends as it compliments the health benefits of Yerba Mate, such as:

  • Immune system boosters

  • Micro nutrients for healthy cellular structure

  • Healthy caffeine alternative without the jitters

  • Cancer fighting abilities (not FDA approved)

  • Osteoporosis prevention

All of these benefits have been well researched and despite how cumbersome it might seem to make loose leaf tea, our blends were made specifically to be able to brew just like a pot of coffee and French Press.

We will dive further into the health benefits of our herbs and spices in further articles, so stay tuned and stay healthy!



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