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Yerba Mate & Ginkgo Biloba

Why do we put Ginkgo Biloba in your Yerba Mate blends?

Yerba mate has been used by medicine men for centuries as a carrier for medicinal herbs and spices. It's a smooth, delicious tea with powerful healing and restorative properties.

Here at Oregon Yerba Mate we believe in the healing power of nature and like to follow in the tradition of the medicine men. We start with organic Yerba Mate and add organic and/or wild harvested herbs and spices to infuse it with powerful nutritive properties.

Ginkgo Biloba and Yerba Mate
Fresh Ginkgo Biloba is a powerful brain food

Our Einstein Blend has wild harvested and/or organic Ginkgo Biloba blended right into the Yerba Mate. This powerful herb has been researched and studied for years. It's also known as maidenhair and actually grows on a tree that is native to China.

While there may be many claims about Ginkgo Biloba that can be refuted, there are some benefits which people have experience themselves.

Antioxidants. Ginkgo Biloba contains powerful antioxidants. It has a very high level of flavonoids and terpenoids, which are compounds known for their strong antioxidant effects. What do antioxidants, like Vitamin C, do? They neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals. Now while free radicals themselves are normal, they also have the potential to damage our tissues leading to inflammation, accelerated aging, and disease development.

When you combine the powerful antioxidants of Ginkgo Biloba with the already powerful antioxidants in Yerba Mate, you get a massive boost of protection.

Inflammation. In our body, inflammation is either a sign of damage or disease or both. It is thought to contribute to Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Several decades of animal testing have shown that Ginkgo can actually reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Brain Function. Ginkgo may be best known for its reported ability to enhance brain function in healthy people. These studies support the notion that supplementing with Ginkgo may increase performance and perceived well-being.

The data, however, is a bit inconsistent so more studies are needed but so far it is showing promising effects on the brain, especially with memory and overall brain health (because of the ability to reduce inflammation).

What else does this little wonder herb do? Here's a few other effects that are being studied:

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Treating depression

  • Supporting vision and eye health

  • Treating migraines and headaches

  • Improving Asthma and COPD symptoms

  • Reducing PMS symptoms

  • Treating sexual dyfunctions

Einstein blend is the perfect drink to have when you want both healthy energy and the benefits of ginkgo. It's a powerhouse of nutrients, herbs, and spices that takes just a few minutes to make and enjoy.

Haven't tried Yerba Mate yet? Bad taste in your mouth? We add herbs and spices to all of our blends which gives them a unique taste and added health benefits. You won't get that "green tea" icky taste in your mouth.


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